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17th March 2018

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Our Goals

Promoting safe parties / We take safety seriously!

Ethos Why we do what we do

Dunedin Equinox is a not-for-profit society based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

We have dedicated ourselves over the years to celebrate the sun crossing the celestial equator in the best way we know how, by bringing together a diverse range of people with one thing in common, the love of dancing, laughing and performing with one another.

With your help we can continue to grow and develop, and make Dunedin Equinox everything it can be!

Safety & Security A safer party is a better party

Dunedin Equinox is a safe, supportive, non-threatening space that encourages a willingness to learn, respect, and mental and physical safety. As a collective, we strive to provide an open, safe and nurturing environment that encourages everyone to feel a sense of participation and belonging.

First held at Buckland’s Crossing Reserve, Dunedin Equinox (originally Spring Equinox) has expanded to throwing multiple festivals a year and has developed a well deserved reputation for good people and outstanding music.

Volunteers How you can help us

We love volunteers! Our parties wouldn't exist without a dedicated crew of volunteers behind the scenes. If you would like to get involved please message the Dunedin Equinox page on facebook.

Aequinoctium 2018









Dunedin Equinox Inc


The latest information from our community.

June 2017


Dunedin Equinox Inc.

Aequinoctium is a belated celebration for the turning of the seasons, Autumn Equinox.

Aequinoctium boasts some of the most beautiful scenery to date, with rolling hills and native bush set in the surrounding cliffs.

Providing two musical zones, featuring some of the best DJ's in the south Island, and a tribal fire to keep you warm while you allow your feet some reprieve after a night of dancing.

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April 2017

Steve's Park Working Bee

Dunedin Equinox Inc.

After 6 months of slumming it in town the Dunedin Equinox Crew finally found themselves back in Lawrence!
This time for a working bee to help Malcolm, the owner of the land and father of Steve, and his boys fell some old willows.

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December 2016

Crew Party 2016/17

Dunedin Equinox Inc.

The Hutt brought with it the end of 2016 and the beginning of a new year, and what better way to start something new than with the old crew, doing what we love! The night brought with it a stunning view, stars strewn throughout the entire valley, and the day was no less beautiful, surrounded by white cliff, native bush and hours away from the hustle and bustle of the Dunedin nightlife.

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