September 2016

Spring Equinox 2016

Dunedin Equinox Inc.

After months of preparation that day finally arrived! Spring Equinox 2016, the first of many events that this collection of crew and volunteers will be pulling together!

I remember arriving on site before the punters, volunteers or even any of the rest of the crew.. And being awestruck. It was stunning. A seemingly generic word, but there really is nothing that can describe it. Located just outside of Lawrence, Steve's Park is a beautifully kept reserve in memory of the landowner's son, Steve, and the love and care that has gone into maintaining these grounds shows.

This year Spring Equinox consisted of 2 musical zones, and a Tribal Zone, which you could find tucked away in a small gold mine beside a river flowing down the edge of the site. With a roaring bonfire, tee-pees and the small waterfall trickling into the river, you couldn't find a more tranquil spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the party and enjoy the company of fellow punters, while keeping cozy and warm.

The Ambient Zone, or should I say the Mad Hatter's Tea Party? Provided the perfect place to chill out without missing out on any of the fun, you could kick off your shoes and lay down, nestling into blankets and pillows while hearing some of the best DJ's in town show of their skills. The marquee was strewn with beautiful fabric and soft lighting, creating an atmosphere unlike any other.

And for the hip wrigglers and mud stompers out there, the Main Zone sported a quad sound system, turning the dance floor into a vortex of sound in which to lose yourself. Completely open to the night sky, and the force of Mother Nature who blessed us, holding back the cool winds for another night.

Working this event was a joy, there is nothing quite like seeing the flushed and happy faces of attendees dancing between zones and stopping for a quick chat with a previous stranger.

Nothing quite like the walk to visit the glow worms, or the lights bouncing off the native bush.
An unforgettable experience that will sit in the back of my mind at every event meeting and site visit for a long time to come.

And it didn't finish there, as the sun rose and campers straggled back to the dance floor, families immerged, food was shared and the sun shone!

Day Two arrived, and the dedicated party goers kept on dancing until well into the afternoon!

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