We care about the environment / Leave no trace.

During the past 4 years, Dunedin Equinox has strived to respect the land we host our events on. This means more than just minimising our carbon footprint, respecting the land means:

  • Only taking out to site what is necessary and taking everything away with us again, this includes all rubbish and waste and encouraging you as party-goers to do the same.
  • Alleviating the issues of broken glass on site, by running No Glass events.
  • Respecting all things on the land, including infrastructure living and not.
  • Respecting the landowners wishes and boundaries.
  • There will be ashtrays around the site, we encourage everyone to use these rather than dispose of their cigarette butts on the ground. OR bring a small container to put your cigarette butts into once you’re done.
  • There will be eco-friendly rubbish bags at the gate for your use, if you would like one feel free to ask when coming through the gate.