Aequinoctium 2018

  When: 17 March 2018, 17:00
Where: 101 Burnett Rd, Glenpark
Ticket Price: $25.00 Buy now
Gate Price $40.00
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Aequinoctium is a celebration for the turning of the seasons, Autumn Equinox.

In its second year running Aequinoctium boasts a more intimate setting with one musical zone, beautiful scenery and limited tickets.


Dunedin Equinox was founded by Dunedin locals who wanted to see more events in the outdoors.

There is something special about watching the sunrise over treetops, rather than buildings.  Something beautiful in spending 24 hours with a collection of like-minded strangers.


Here, at Dunedin Equinox, the crew volunteers their time to recreate some of their fondest memories, and provide a unique atmosphere for all attendees!


Tickets available from the 4th of March.



henry johnson - Loom - MAU - KINA - KTB

Zebede - Hypnotoad - Jaguar Blood - Pspryo

burit0 - Hippiecrite - BlackOut - JungleFari

Alpha Rhythm - Optimystic - Acerbic - Ra Ven