Safety is paramount at our events, please have a read through this information to make sure you are familiar with how we like to run our parties.

Safety starts with you and your friends making smart decisions about;

  • How you get to and leave from the party: We'd suggest sober, and with due care.
  • How to minimise your waste: bring in as little rubbish as possible, and take it all away with you.
  • What you wear to the party: It’s hard to relax and have fun when you are hypothermic. Dress for the conditions and be prepared for change.
  • Your footwear: Gumboots or other boots and at least one spare pair of warm socks are recommended, or plastic bag your feet if it is wet.
  • What you bring: There will be water and food available on site but your own bottle to refill and some of your own food to keep your energy high never goes amiss. Bring a torch too so you can find your way. If you are camping make sure you have adequate warmth and cover from moisture.
  • How we look out for each other: Keep an eye on your friends and would be friends too. We are all part of the equinox family, if you see someone in need, cold, wasted or lost and confused look out for them.
  • What you consume: Be responsible in your choices. You can't run from what is in your bloodstream! If you are not sure or you don’t know, be strong in saying no.
  • How we treat each other, be kind it makes for a much better vibe and when you are feeling frisky make sure the object of your affections feels the same way too. Remember consent is not just sexy it is crucial and when someone is intoxicated they cannot give it. If you are confused or unsure about consent here is a simple video to clear things up for you:

Dance Floor Etiquette

The dance floor is a safe place for everyone to express themselves. This means respecting everybody's personal space. When wishing to show your affection towards others it is essential to have coherent/sober permission from them to do so. This does not mean touching others and assuming its ok when they don’t object.

Wait for the person to accept your invitation into their personal bubble, nobody likes a greasy, sleazy personal space invader on the d-floor.

If you are witness to someone being harassed on the dance floor, don't just be a bystander. Let that person know that it is not ok and that they should leave the other person to dance. If it becomes a issue, make Dunedin Spring Equinox crew members aware.

We all want to enjoy ourselves and get lost in the dance so respect other peoples right to do so and we can all enjoy the festival in our own way.

Safety is paramount at Spring Equinox, when everyone is safe we can all have a good time. This means we have people trained in both medical and psychedelic first aid on site and available for the whole party in case something does go wrong but with a little forethought and some love most problems can be avoided.